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Lobos News · Coach of the Week 9/8 – 9/15

ATTENTION LOBOS! As well as our coach of the week this week, we have a comedian on our hands! Coach Ramez Antoun is our head Cross Country Coach and is a total HOOT! He was a fighting bear at Alief-Hastings High School in Houston. He played soccer there and dabbled in a few other sports. Coach Antoun has been a Lobo for 10 years now, coming to us from Lockhart, where he was for 8 years.  He loves him some breakfast tacos and his wife’s home made chicken fried steak he can’t resist. His favorite color is green and was born June 17th. His first memory as a child was being terrified out of his mind to get on a plane. To relax, he enjoys gardening, playing a little guitar and just enjoying the beautiful outdoors. His favorite class in school was Honors English and his teacher, Mrs Sullivan, was the inspiration and the reason he himself became a teacher. He doesn’t quite remember where he went on his first date, but apparently we all need to check out Celebration Station, it is the place to be in Houston! If he could go back in time and tell him himself something- it would be to take his education more seriously and buy Apple stock, buy LOTS of Apple stock! His most embarrassing moment? Well you see, Coach realized his Spanish was not quite as good as he thought it were while on vacation in Mexico.  Instead of asking a gentleman for direction, he asked him for his grandmothers phone number. 🙂 There are many people who have helped him through his struggles, many of them colleagues right here at Lehman. He is thankful for his family, friends, life, his wife- oh and coffee, can’t forget the coffee! One day he hopes to add “published photographer” to his list of credentials and accomplishments. He decided to join our tribe because he knew several people at Lehman and they always spoke very highly of the culture on campus. (He also got tired of losing soccer games to Lehman.) He figured “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” Thank you for all you do Coach! Say Hello next time you see Coach Antoun!  coach antoun