Lobos News · Coach of the Week 3/23 – 3/30

What do you get when you have a former quadruple athlete as a coach?  You get Coach Ricky Rodriguez!  Coach Rodriguez is a fabulous Math teacher who doubles as a Lehman Football, Basketball and Track coach!  This is his 1st year at Lehman and has been coaching and teaching for 6 years with stops at Lockhart and Canyon Lake. He has one beautiful daughter, Lexi, who is 4 and just started Pre-k.  He was born January 4th and attended Lockhart High School (Lions) where he graduated in 2009. He played football, basketball, baseball, and ran track.  He attended Texas State University (2012 grad) where he graduated with a Mathematics Degree in 3 years (excellent job coach!) 

 His favorites?  Well for food, he can chow down on some sirloin steak and Chinese food any day and could sit and watch Will Ferrell movies every night.  His favorite color is blue and thought he would grow up to be at attorney as a child, but now wants to one day become a head football coach which he strives to achieve every day.  He thanks his dad for helping him through his rough patches in life, he always had a similar story of his own struggles to help Coach Rodriguez get through and handle it. 

Coach Rodriguez is inspired by lots of things. Family, good books, movies. A lot of times just having a conversation with a very positive person motivates him to want to do a little bit more in his own life and be a little bit better every day.  His friends would describe him as persistent and if he could have a 30 minutes conversation with one person it would be Bill Belichick – Head Coach of the New England Patriots. Coach would like to pick his brain on football and organization and how he motivates everyone to be on the same page.  When Coach was asked what was the most courageous thing he has ever done in his life?  He once had to perform the heimlich maneuver on his grandpa while they were eating breakfast at McDonald’s one morning. One of the scariest moments of life, but also the one that he is thankful he knew how to do.  What’s his favorite part of being a Lobo?  ​Everyone is so nice.  He knows ultimately everyone wants the same things. “All the kids are hungry to be successful and are willing to work and do whatever it takes to make that happen.”  He is thankful the staff wants great things for Lehman and they are all willing to work together to make it happen. He is honored to be part of a community that has a lot of the same goals in common.  Next time you see Coach Rodriguez, give him a wave and introduce yourself, thank you Coach Rodriguez for all you do for our students, athletes, staff and community!